I spent the day yesterday…..

I spent the day yesterday catching up on the news. It’s been awhile now. Since the last presidential election , I contracted TV News overload.. This is a common ailment when someone leaves the TV on 24/7 during a presidential election campaign . So on Election Day I unplugged my TV . But for the sake of being current and news savvy I got news feed apps. Now I can read what I want to learn more about and ignore the rest.

To be perfectly honest it’s one of the best things I could do for me. There is so much going on in the world. And most of it we aren’t faring so well. I know me . I can’t just watch and let it go. I belabor on it all. The thing is it is all so out of reach. Unable to do anything about them. I do reserve my right to rant. My soap box is well used….

It’s got to be a first for me to see adults and heads of state engaged in high school type antics. I’m referring to the laser light show in Moscow wishing the president a happy BDay. And don’t know what they were trying to say with the picture of Obama eating a banana.. Hummm. Things that make you go humm.