Drama twenty four seven…

Drama twenty four seven. That’s right can’t escape it. That once peaceful , tranquil life now a chaotic , hellish existence… That is the price one must pay to be involved. I think I must clarify myself here. I am so thankful that only part of the population chooses the career in theatrics. Acting out their self centered lives of misery and woe. Choosing to carry their heavy baggage for all to see with the hope someone will feel sorry and stop to help.. Instead of helping one finds them self trapped in the persons latest life sitcom.

Unless you live under a rock or a remote deserted island you will at one point or another in counter that person. Beware it can be a family member, friend , coworker ,some one you just met or haven’t met, or even yourself. Stop, turn down the volume, turn off the TV set.

Easy? No it’s not easy. I can’t lie to you and tell you it is easy. The longer the involvement the harder it is to break the bond. We are human, emotional creatures. Drama feeds on emotion. More emotion, more drama. Watch it grow.

I have heard some say that the drama makes them feel so alive. Maybe you haven’t been far enough away from the noise to make a valid comparison . But if you insist on living with drama , who am I to convince you other wise. I can only share what I feel. I can take no leading role, but out of respect to you I can a supporting role.