Will I ever love………

Will I ever love again?

I thought love meant forever. You thought forever was too long to wait…..I thought love was give and take. You thought I should give and you would take…….I thought love was us together. You thought you’d rather get together with friends…….I thought love was family and kid. You thought you wouldn’t ready for that……I went my way. You went yours.

What was the question again? Will I ever love again? Years and years have gone by since we both went our ways. I speak for me . I don’t know about you. I feel the pain, the empty, the void and loneliness of lost love. Time doesn’t erase the memories and feelings. Time just makes it easier to cope.

What was that question again? Will I ever find love again? I haven’t run into you in several years. But I don’t go where we used to go and there are no mutual friends.

Will I ever find love again? Each day I become more comfortable with myself. Before there always had to be someone there. No time to get to know me. I finding I even like me a little.

I might have an odd way of looking at things, but it works for me. When the pain of loneliness out weighs the pain of loves loss then I’ll be ready to go again.