Back to work…..

Back to work today. I don’t think I mention it but there was a fire in the boiler room at the nursing home where I was serious enough to evacuate the hundred residence . I can only imagine it was quite the task as some of the patients bedridden awesome team work.

Anyway I had an unexpected week vacation. That could be part of the reason I’ve been so dam moody lately. I am such workaholic. To much time off I turn into a prick of misery. Excuse my use of verbiage , but it is the nicest way to describe my evil twin.

It’s funny the medical world and their infinite wisdom lay claim that my work ethic might be a sign of so kind of obsessive disorder. I always thought if you don’t work , you don’t eat. That makes sense to me. While they continue to explore the mysteries of the mind. I will continue to work and eat.

Anyway , I have to get ready .enjoy your day. Here in Arizona we are enjoying a bit of rain . It is called monsoon. Normal for the month of August.