How does one escape …….

How does one escape all the goings on in the world today? Or at least put it into prospective. It seems every day it gets a little darker. A little more violent.more reports of killing. More hate groups surfacing terrorizing innocent people. Breeding fear as they continue to try to involve the entire their agenda.

What is that agenda you may ask? I wish I could answer that clearly. Power, control, hatred, evil these are but a few things in play here. I think people are inherently good. Unfortunately there are a few who have chosen to live the dark side of their nature. In turn they lead others who chose to follow

I have heard it said there can be no light without darkness. No good without evil. Day without night. As odd as it may sound I understand the need for contrast.. With this said I have just come to realize escape is not the answer. You can not escape one without escaping the other. They travel side by side. We in turn are allowed the choice to follow one or the other.