Who says lightning can’t strike……..

Who says lightning can’t strike twice in the same spot? lol I am not really going to share a lightning story, but something that happened to me twice in the same spot. Really!

I ride a Yamaha scooter and for some time now I’ve been keeping my eye on the battery. Needing to replace it soon. Not too worried I can still kick start it if I need to. Well about a month back I rode to Fresh and Easy about a mile from my house. Went inside and got what I needed. Loaded it all on the bike and I’ll be dammed if it wouldn’t start. No worries I had to kick start it a few times before. Kick starting it did not work either. I tried for some time with no success so I figured I would push it home. No problem it’s just a mile. So about an hour later it made home groceries and all. The next morning it started right up I did clean the battery connections off that evening when I got off work.

Well instead of replacing the battery I choose to wait. Yesterday evening I rode, guess where? Fresh and Easy! As I think about it here the time frame was about the same as the last time I had been there. And you guessed it No matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to start and I had to push it home and all the grocery. You tell me what are the chances if this happening like that? Now I have to go to work in a few if I try to start it and it starts right up well you tell me! nick