A near accident.

A near accident was the last thing I expected coming home from work last night. I ride a Yamaha scooter although every one asks me if it is a Vespa.. I have been riding this scooter for about four years. The one thing I have noticed is how much more focused I’ve become then when’ I am driving a car. On the scooter I am totally exposed, where as in a car I am surrounded by 1000 pounds of medal and plastic.

As I was saying coming home from work last night I was coming up to a major intersection. I always slow up a bit and there are three things I check out every time. First is the traffic signal. Counting down double digest. Cool. Next I look to the right to see if some one might be turning right and into my lane. No cars there. Cool.. Lastly I check the lane where the cars coming from the other direction are making their left turn. I saw a car inching it’s way .out to make the turn. One eye on him I proceed to go through the intersection I thought it was all good,, but as I entered the intersection he decided to make that left turn. I was past the point of no return. I could see the whole scenario unfolding before me like a movie. Bracing myself for the worst. At the last moment I veered to the right just enough for him to have room to break, which he did. And I sped up around he. I thought my heart way going to beat out of my chest WOW OMG!!!