Two years ago……

Two years ago I began blogging with Word Press. I am happy with my choice. it is a great place for a beginner to get his feet wet. Does it do well for the seasoned veteran i can’t in all honestly tel;l you as I am not properly seasoned and/ or a veteran yet.

Two years, so much has changed. If nothing else I am starting to act more and more like myself. And that is a good thing. It was a bit difficult remembering which Nick each person liked. And to be perfectly honest with there were a few Nicks I didn’t partially care for. Growing pains. They never stop. And that too is a good thing. Growing, you know your alive.

My motives or reasons for the blog are unchanging, but method will change in time as I reach out further to share with more people.I am more than convinced that the message I share is very important. Peace can not be gained through war. Learning to love ourselves we can then love our neighbor as ourself.And respect each individual in their diversity. And embrace the oneness we share as human beings.

Thank you for taking the time to read my words. my hope is it will kindle the fire within you. You in turn can share it with an other and yet another.That is how the fire spreads. nick