Happy Friday….

happy Friday, I’m off work and enjoying a late breakfast at White Coffee. It is my local watering hole. Ice coffee and breakfast, how good is that? I’m totally jazzed it is not very often I have time to just sit and enjoy a meal.

I’ve been in the process of moving and with problems transferring my internet service, Ive been off line for almost two weeks. We are talking two weeks worth of words bouncing around in my brain with no place to go. So I am just warning you I may be a little long winded..

Wow, I was just thinking November already. Where has this year gone.. it seems like we were just ringing in the new year, 2014. Here we are again, 2015.

I must admit this is my favorite time of the year. Well, the holiday season , but I am not fond of the cold weather. Living in Arizona I’ve grown accustom to the warmer weather. Give me eighty ninety degrees any time I love it..

AsI was saying I love the holidays . Thanksgiving and Christmas speaks food, family, and friends. I’ve made a life long career of cooking in restaurants, hotels, and now health care . So we are talking lots of turkey and all the fixings, and fresh baked pies.

Some may think what a bummer working the holiday, but I have come to new appreciation . Maybe I should explain before you get the impression I’m just a wigged out workaholic. The past three years I’ve worked in a nursing home, a hundred plus residents.

what I have discovered is all though there are some with loving families that come and spend time with them especially around the holidays. But there are equally as many or maybe more who have no one.. For whatever reason no one from the outside is there for them. So with that in mind I take special care in preparing that special meal for them. And if I am able to make even one person happy I have done my job. You cant even imagine how it makes me feel to get a smile or good comment or it will jar their memory and they well share their holiday story. Boy In am just overwhelmed just thinking about it.

may you find new life and hope in this holiday season..nick