the headlines read”90 pounds of……

The headlines read “90 pounds of cocaine were found on cargo ship owned by anti-drug Senators family.” Link below.90 pounds of cocaine were found on a cargo ship owned by anti-drug senators family

I know there is a totally logical explanation for all this. I dot know. it seams a bit of a stretch that he knows nothing Even for a law making State Senator. But don’t listen to me. I can’t judge a innocent man. after all we are all innocent till proven guilty. Right?

i did just get a troubling thought. Hypothetically, if you or I had a be more realistic for me it would have to be a car. not all of us would have the cash to own a cargo ship. Anyway if they found an amount of contraband in my vehicle whether I was driving it or not, two things for sure would happen. One they would confiscate the vehicle and the content. Two I would be implemented and possibly arrested on charges. with possible jail time. With no money my high hopes would be at the mercy of a public defender. nick