GOOD MORNING everybody! This is my favorite part of the day. It’s all anew, fresh, quiet, and peaceful. My neighbor above me isn’t up yet. Soon I will hear foot steps trailing off to the bath room and then the water running in the shower. My other two nocturnal neighbors on either side of me  have gone silent. I haven’t heard a guitar note  for hours coming from the right side.

I am right now  realizing i don’t pay attention to these moment to moment things. My mind is always some place else. Thinking about what I need to do . Missing the moment.  Too uptight…too much in a hurry…no order…

I know what I need to do. This is nothing new. It is like I get to busy and let things slide.  Just this one time. One inch  off, then a little more…. and a little more. Then I wake up and see I am way over here and I should be way over there.

BALANCE, TEMPERANCE……. Everybody is different so one can only figure it out for themselves. Find the fine line to walk.  Not too fast , but not to slow.Don’t take in more than you can carry. Stop to rest and refresh as need be. It is a straight line between work and play .nick