Purely Innocent…

Purely innocent  wasn’t that the way we all began? Looking out through our two eyes in awe at our bright new world. Each moment  a new experience. Carefree, all trusting,worry free… All of these have no meaning whatsoever. Purely innocent.

As I consider the time of those humble beginnings, I have a hard time grasping the concept of the pure untarnished heart and soul. To know pure love, that giving and receiving  Well, that is until you fall in love. The phrase itself should be a warning. It hurts to fall. There is a reason why so often in prose and poetry love is liken unto a rose. The beauty of it’s flower.but be for warned, handle with care it’s thorny stem will hurt you.

Trusting comes out of love. Running a close second in losing ones innocence. Your love allows you to trust everyone. Believing all is good and loving. Well that is until you encounter someone who is not so nice. Lying to deceive you, a hard lesson learned. The lesson comes at a price trusting innocence is lost .

Then one day you wake up to find that warm hearted carefree loving and trusting person no longer exists His twin has takin up residence. Unlike his sibling he is cold and reserved Building a wall around your hardening heart. Taking no chances, trusting no one.

One would be wise to remove this unwanted house guest It is a unhealthy relationship As long as he is there your situation will not improve

To be honest I am not sure if it is possible to find that pure innocence What I do know is since I have cleaned house of unwanted guests it not getting colder, but is starting to warm up a bit It’s okay I’ll take what I can One step at a time. nick