Greek Food….

Greek Food is one of my favorite cuisines. Friday  and I have the night off. I am a cook by trade. Five days a week I cook for others So on one of my days off I like to sit back and enjoy someone else cooking. I am in  luck right across the street is a Greek restaurant. walking distance . Food at Z’s Greek is very good.

Growing up and me grandparents were alive we ate Greek  a couple times a week. my grandpa was the cook. I think he was my mentor and inspiration. I have cooking in my blood. I would spend the time with him watching him prepare meals  Sometimes he let me help. It is no wonder I made it my lifetime career. I never grown tired cooking food. And I am always challenged with a new dish I’ve never made before.

i must admit  the everyday grind of the job gets to me., but as I said before there is the challenge that keeps it fresh.I have been thinking this year in May I will turn 62 giving me 3 years .  I guess it is about time to start thinking retirement. Well okay we can call it retirement,but I am thinking more on the lines of moving on and doing something else Health permitting we should never stop learning.. Change is good. And if one direction  is blocked there are at least three others to chose from. North, south, east, and west. We shall see. One thing for sure I will have more time to write. So you will see a lot more of me here. Are you lucky or what? lol..