I have never……

I have never written a sequel post, til today. I was sitting in the coffee house across the street from my apartment earlier in the day. Eating breakfast  and  drinking my morning  coffee And  feeling very depressed. I can write my way out of any dark corner. I’ve kept a journal for many years. Since high school anyway.. I’m here to tell ya to keep a journal among  is therapeutic. It have helped me through some tough times  more times than I can count.

it didn’t take to long. As i was pushing the publish button I was starting to feel better. What I didn’t expect  was all the feedback. The comment and text messages and from people I have never heard from before.. I  was thinking maybe it was boring  and no one would pay it any mind.. Well I am happy to say I was wrong.. . I appreciate each of the comments More than anyone realizes.

I have learned some valuable lessons. First off I can’t do it alone. A stubborn ass Greek Thinking I can carry the world around on my shoulders.I need people in my life as much as they need me We need each other. So maybe it is a time to be mending bridges.nick