I heard It said,”…”

I heard it said “every dog has its day” I can see the logic in those words. I am a firm believer in karma and in natures laws of cause and effect. And balance, the yin and yang.

Natures Laws aren’t meant as a punishment or bounding thing , as a guide to live in harmony each other, the planet , and every thing else that lives, be it plant , animal, or any else we haven’t seen and defined yet.

Think of this for a moment. Everything that is will reduce to energy E = MC2. Energy equals mass times thawed of light times two. This includes thought. Everything that is reduces to energy If this proves true then there are at least two important qualities of energy come into play.

Energy will never die it changes morphs if you will. Secondly cause and effect. Newton put simply in his laws of physics. For every action there is a an opposite reaction An example would be If you were to hammer a nail into a board You have action swinging the hammer striking the nail. There is a possibility of multi-able reactions. First you may see a spark and head a sound. Next you notice the wood has rated to make room for the nail. Now if you happen to hit the nail wrong it may spring out of the wood propelling back at you aiming to cause revengeful harm. Cause and effect.

So where does this fit into my opening statement ” every dog has his day ” ? To me it is all to clear.