it seems to me…

It seems to me America’s military machine has the capacity to seek , crush and destroy their enemies. And if that is the mission or goal then they are doing one hell of a job.  Just look at what we have done with  Iraq. Now I am no authority on the art of war.  Personally I am against war and I feel we as Humans need to find common ground and an alternative if we hope for our species to survive. But enough of that I choose to save for another post.

As I was saying  I speak as a layman not an authority.Let me see if  I can put into words here  what I am seeing and why I am concerned. I think our military is one of the strongest in might and technology if one was to compare them with the other world powers. I am not setting the stage to compete. Just making a general statement they can hold their own.

I don’t have actual amounts but I would be  safe to say quite the expense to recruit, train and equip the armed services.  Not to mention amount of our country’s youth are enlisted. This resource I am unable to put a monitory value on.  To make my point clear here.  This is a costly investment.

Weighing the cost of their said investment, especially in human lives. One would think the concern would be receiving the greatest return. Now according to worldly standards they are off to a great start. Look how they went into Iraq destroying their central government and executing their leader. The next step seems clear . If you take something or everything from them shouldn’t they replace it with something better?

Here lies my concern. It doesn’t appear that much has gone into the process to restore and rebuild.It seems to me leaving this loose end opens up the opportunity for problems worse than they had before.  Look for a moment  in my life time there have been Three minor wars. If there could be such a thing.  There were other names for them . Police action, Conflict.Desert Storm. Korea, Vietnam, and now Iraq all are still trouble spots

I know it is not easy . If we take away everything that they know and have are we not responsible to help them reestablish.  We stand on the principle of freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom speak. Freedom to be. To live in dignity. If it is good for us should it not be equal for them.

You don’t know what you are missing until you have tasted it and are now without. Like everything else  we can’t just tell them how good it is. We have to show them. Let them taste.

What do you all think. We should just go in destroy the city. And then grab up the keys to the city and bring it to the people and drop it at their feet. There you go you have your city back. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.nick