What is important ?

What is important? I am in the middle of a … How would I say it ? Cleaning, rearranging , taking stock of what is here. It seems that over the years I have accumulated a lot of things.. Years of yard sales, park an swap, and dumpster diving I have collected a lot of things. Don’t laugh you would be amazed what some people throw away.. That another story for another time.

Making material attachments is a never ending quest to happiness. I  have this compulsion for books. That in itself is not a bad thing . Books can teach you things. Books can help you make positive change.  Help you prepare something  or fix something.  Making you happy when you are sad  or just relax you when you are up tight.

But just like every other thing it brings only temporary satisfaction. There is always another book to read. Another volume to find. And if you are unable to find what you are looking for there is that frustration of not having this or that thing.

I have not defined here what is important, but what isn’t although I try to make it so. I think maybe if I come in through the back door it will lead me to the answer I am seeking. Another words if I see what isn’t important I should see clear to what is. It has drawn me a little closer to the answer. Let me explain.

If what is important is not in the physical realm then it must be in the spiritual. This chapter of my life journey began with good intent. I began to seek God . I wanted to know God and develop a relationship. And in my innocence I found that place. By now  you would expect this to be the happy end . The question answered. Completion of the quest. And maybe it would have  if I would have maintained my innocence. But no I allowed my intellect to come in. You know that know it all voice within.  Trading my eternal relationship for a temporary religion.  I am certain someone out there is getting angry with me. I am not trying to sway anyone that believes . or start another religion. Don’t we have enough of those? Maybe if I define myself a little better I wouldn’t lose you attention at the most important part of my post.

I allowed myself to slip away from my relationship with God replacing it with a religious institution. What swayed me in this direction you may ask? Simply because it felt right. .I could see it touch it, feel it . the religious institution filled that physical need. Be cautious because the institution is established firmly in it’s traditions,rites, rituals, artifacts. dogma and theology.Creating an illusion of righteousness from the teaching of men . Creating God in their own image. Please don’t misunderstand me  I am not trying to discourage anyone in the path they have chosen. There is no wrong ways. Just shorter or longer paths to follow.

Unable to accept the status quo I walked another way. Knowing  that for me I will not be complete without a RELATIONSHIP with the living God.nick