Skeletons in the closet…

Skeletons in the closet… How can this be if I see no wrong in what I do? Doesn’t society set a standard? The perimeter clearly drawn to house the mores? Are we not free to choose as we will.not taking lightly the decision we will make. Consider this ….these ones setting the standard are the same ones putting guns in the hands of eighteen year old and sending them to kill or be killed. Why I ask? Because it’s right? Or are they justifying their actions?

It makes no sense. It is alright for me to take a life because I’m one of the good guys. They aren’t they are terrorist. The truth be known their leaders are telling them the same thing. It’s alright for you to take a life. They are Western pigs and a threat to Islam.

It happened in Vietnam, Korea,world war one and two and every other war . It’s all right for you to take a life because you are fighting for right. Murder isn’t called murder when you are right.

I know I am way off topic. Sorry if you were expecting something else but I got to follow this direction.

I can’t shake it … Anyway ,I am sitting here thinking. What was I doing and thinking when I was eighteen years old. It sure as hell wasn’t thinking about taking a gun and killing somebody I was just starting to experience life. I wouldn’t want to loose my life or take a life. Some of my classmates either by force or their own choosing experienced Vietnam. And not one of them had anything nice to say about the place. Well, except some commented that the smoke was some of the best dope they ever had.

We would just stay high so we would not have to think about where we were and what we were doing.

Then there were some that wouldn’t, couldn’t talk about it at all.  Spending their life tortured by their demons.nick