I wore your colors with pride

I wore your colors with pride. Believing what they taught us from the time we started to listen..Lucky to be born in the greatest country in the world. Number one. Leading the world in manufacturing and production. everything from automobiles to kitchen appliances. We held the highest scholastic and athletic ratings. And let us not forget the dollar bill. Our currency was respected all over the world..

The problem with being on top is that there is always some one there to challenge that stasis rating. History has a way of repeating itself. Clearly , we see every super power began with a rise to power. Enjoyed a time in power. And a time they fall from power.. Each had a different time table and different circumstances, but with basically the same end result. Where we are at in this cycle of power I do not know.

I do know the wheel of time is always moving forward and with it, it brings change.  I think we may be missing the whole point of learning from our past. So we can live better in the present. Shaping our ever changing future.

We strive to be perfect humans, but being human is not being perfect. The world is our schoolteacher. We take what we learn, applying it to our personal life, so we can evolve into the best that we can be.

Or we may ignore the lessons . Feeling you have arrived. No longer that humble eager to learn student of life. living the illusion of perfection.  No one or thing can teach me any thing  don’t waste your time. I am number one.

I think it’s dangerous thinking to the individual. And even more so to a group or nation. How does that  Proverb go? “Pride goes before a fall….” Perfection, the greatest,always right these are not traits of earth bound creatures as ourselves.

It just occurred to me all this strife to be number one,  the watch dog of the world is not worth the cost , human lives. When I say human lives I am talk all the human live on both sides, for and against us. I have never been in a combat situation. so I really can’t speak from an authority point of view. But if you don’t mind me speculating a bit.  If I was in  that position and came face to face with the “enemy’  I  think we would be alike in so many ways.

Scared shit less. Listening to all the propaganda he probable hates all Americans just like I’ve been taught to hate all non Americans. Looking at his age he probable is thinking about his girl friend back home or his high school friends. Well I’m few years older than that but there are family and friend s I would rather be hanging out with instead of looking down the barrel of his gun and he down mine,  Wondering who is going to shoot first.  I have nothing against this person . I don’t want to kill anyone But I don’t want to die. I am sure he feels the same.

Why are we here? To feed the political military machine ego as well as filling their pockets with the loot. It all just doesn’t make sense.  And boy have I gotten way off topic…. So I will close for now…. nick