Fifty Fifty,  heads  tails, here there, yin yang.  Is our life governed by chance or destiny? If so what of Free Will?

Taking the time to ponder this questions has left me all knowing , and knowing nothing at all. Questions lead to answers and to more questions. Challenging myself to know where, when , and why?!? Some may think it is an exercise in futility, but I think it is in our nature to wonder.

Looking out across the the night sky counting and naming stars til we lose track, only to realize there are billions more beyond the ones we can see with the naked eye.  As we perceive our universe expand we grow smaller.  Smaller in number and size but not in importance.

We are all each and everyone of us God’s creation..No one greater or less, equally important. Each of us with special gifts and talents and a unique purpose all our own.

I feel the need to qualify things here. What mean by that is. there may be some that take offence to my use of the word God.I used the word because it loosely fit our definition of the creator, supreme being God.What I mean by loosely fit..The definition limits the perception of God  to how man sees or perceives. We don’t do bad in defining our physical world. We see it and we describe what we see.. We begin to have problems when we cross that line into spiritual thing , the unseen.

I am in no wise making excuses for what I believe .or to try and persuade you to believe as I do. I do encourage you to find something to believe in.  A belief system brings purpose to life. And more importantly restores the value  of life, the greatest gift of love we could ever receive BELIEVE…nick