She came to me….

She came to me as in a dream, knocking as hard as she could on my front door…It’s me she said can you spare me a cup of sugar….I said no problem, come in and have a seat. And I’ll get the sugar from the pantry…That can wait she said with a smile. Come, sit, talk with me a while……With no one at home I feel all alone. It sure would be nice to have some one to talk to…..I  said cool, but give me a minute I have coffee chilling in the freezer. I’m going to have a glass . How about you? So instead of one glass I poured two…….Well you know how it goes between two lonely friends.For those few short moments it wasn’t me and you , it was us…… As it goes all good stories end with morning…. And I’ll be dammed if she didn’t run off without her sugar…/.