Friday March 13, 2015

I”m sitting  here staring at the blank screen,  but it is not a mental block in one sense of the word. More accurate would be a brain jam. Like a traffic jam with thoughts  instead of cars and trucks and buses and bikes. So much on the mind.

The need to sift through and  pick out the relevant subject matter discarding the noise. I am past due for a road trip. Someplace  outside with nature. Far enough out of the city that there are no street lights or cars for that matter.

Rind a nice spot under a shade tree, spread a blanket  and sit. Breathe in the cool fresh quiet.  Breathe out the warm stale noise. Close my eyes and just continue to breathe. Let it ALL go.

Promising myself not to move until I’m back.

I think this is why I leave the  house and walk across  the street to White Cup Coffee.  I sit at home a I start to get stuff up . too many distractions. Then the cat wants to place, and bla bla bla  and before you know it I’m sitting there stuffed up, uptight it is the end of the day and I don’t have anything done.,

I do feel better…….It’s probably the coffee buzz….nick