I am learning a …..

I am learning a very important lesson in regards to my blogging. I have been a blogger for just a short time in comparison to some.Number one important lesson is simple and maybe difficult at the same time. I have to write . Simple right . Just write every day. What are you saying ? You don’t have time there’s the job, there’s the family, there’s the….

Make the time to just write every day. Understand this message is for me first off. I am one of the chef procrastinators I have to STOP myself from being distracted.  Yes, there are other thing in my life,  but my passion to write is compelling me to a deeper commitment to my work here  You heard me right I did say work not hobby. Honestly it has always been more than just a hobby.

Work has always been a bad word for most people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. My main job is cooking and I love to cook.  And secondly the is my passion to write. Not bad but good good.

So I have concluded if I get organized and stat focused I will have enough time for everything.nick