I discovered a web site………

I discovered a web site classes free online. I know what your thinking  some  is not right must be some kind of scam.It is to early in my exploration to say one way or another  I did intoll in one class. Pending a second. The one I just started is called Community Journalism.

I am finding it to be interesting .I have never hear of the concept before now. It has become quite the trend indifferent places in  the UK. Simply put local community people are investigating and reporting their local news. They are using all the available tech they can  Some use email, or blog, or some hard copy. Personal, complete local news delivered right to your computer, tablet, iPad, or smart phone. It might weigh some merit. we will see.

The other class I will be starting  mid April is Intro to Fiction writing.. I can’t wait. I know I will be keeping you posted as  to my progress. Oh I almost  forgot the link there is   futurelearn.com.  nick