Three days took the world’s  systems by storm. Bringing a diversity of music  with the philosophy of peace and love. Creating one of the largest cities in the state of New York for those three days. August 15, 1969 though August 17,1969 were the days now well known as WOODSTOCK.

How would one describe the feel of the 60’s? It seems there was a growing need for change. The decade began with the election of a new president. That would be John Kennedy. A man with a huge agenda for positive change. He introduced many new changes only to be stopped one year short of completing his four year term . He as murdered  on the campaign trail through Texas.

We were at war in Veitnam   Oh my bad we were not at war.  It was classified as a police action.  Okay I am no military expert , but this raises a curious question . How many human beings young and old, male and female , our side their side  must be murdered before we can actually call it a war? 

Watching their folks work them selves to death chasing the American Dream only to find out it was an illusion.  

They say every generation  harbors some rebellion, but this was a major earthquake. 

They  or should I say we were ready for a change.  There were some that filled their need for change. Some gave in to the pressure. And the rest  found a comfort zone and just stopped fighting back. Although every now and then some one will come out of retirement bringing up issues that have never been satisfied. 

Actually the truth be known the Middle East has  taken up the fight  tired of being oppressed. They want what we want equality, freedom, pride and self dignity. Free men and  women  wanting their lives back   

Maybe it is time to come out of retirement dust off our self  image  take up were we left off. No other time in our history has there been s need for reform. nick