I predict it is time……..

I predict it is time for a road trip. Some times the input can be so overwhelming I have to get away. I am starting to realize that I am not wired for input 24/7. I don’t function well in overload mode. It isn’t that I am unable to function in this new age. The human mind and body are resilient. Able to evolve only if I  am willing to do so.

That is the key  to moving forward. Pondering this thought further there is one thing that is foremost in my mind and that is human nature . We are built with two receptors. one intake and one output. I apologize of the layman’s terms as at this point I have no other words to replace them..I think you get my meaning.. The point is one balances out the other  Too much input and you must find a release. When you are empty you can begin to take in some more.

My problem in my over zealousness too learn and with the abundance of information available I quite honestly don’t know when to stop. The result is overload. Rest ,meditation, and just plain leisurely fun. Go for a hike, jam to some music, or just away  some where quiet and meditate.

Oh, so you say I don’t have time for all that nonsense. I got to much to do . Deadlines to meet. Yes , and they will be there when you get back. The difference is you will be refreshed. And instead of dragging along or being counterproductive you will move along at a rapid pace  and done on time