Friday, April 17,2015

Hello every one. Well I am not certain it is that easy to defined. What I have here is a website that I emptied all that was on it  to another site. I debated deleting the site entirely, but changed my mind and thought I could experiment a bit with a project I have been thinking of. Sort of a launch pad for new beginnings.  I want to learn and the way it is  for me is by doing. If I make mistakes it is part of the process.

I am evolving as every one else that grew up before home computers. The choice is my own. Evolve or stay behind. I know it is pretty much a no brainier. Living is learning as learning is evolving.

I think of it as a place to hone my skills and finding out what works best. I have been blogging for a few years now. Why am I blogging you might ask? I would like to say it was for purely humanitarian reasons, but to honest there were other factors. Mainly to battle my shyness. What better way to overcome shyness then to push me out in front of a large audience. It’s do or die. I am still a bit shy. It might slow me down, but it doesn’t stop me completely. Limits don’t have to be weakness it’s being human.nick