Where there is smoke there is fire.  There are several events in the news recently that  brought  this old saying to mind. I don’t know if any one has been keeping up with the news lately, but there has been some events that concern me deeply. I don’t want to dispel any  rumors but I think it has gone beyond that. The thing that are beginning to unfold are happening in broad daylight. No longer behind closed doors or in the dark of night.

I am not here to persuade anyone of anything  because I am not even sure what my take is on it. I feels a bit surreal like I am watching a movie. But it’s not a movie It is real life and we are all players in I am not sure I like the story line and where the plot is taking us.

Up  until yesterday I don’t know I must have been sleeping under a rock but I hadn’t heard a word of this.So I am going to give you a few source words and it is up to you to investigate them and I hope that is what you decide to do.

First word FEMA camps…Jade Helm 15…..several Walmart stores closing on the same day and for the some reason. Plumbing problems??? Obama calls a state of emergency….England is rumored to be sending troops into Syria…Should I go on? There is talk about Russian troops on U.S. soil….Talk about anarchy and marshal  law….. And I am sure there is more but I just cant think of it right now It should keep you busy for a while. Seriously I hope you do take it to mind. It is not going to go away. I hope I am wrong it’s going to get ugly before it gets better.