April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015……I am going to start something different . It was what I used to do years ago when I would hand write my journals.  I am fascinated with numerology.   Each day I would take the date and reduce it to a single number. Then in the course of time I could see a pattern or a trend emerge.  A cycle of life .

4+24+(2+0+1+5)= 28+8=36/9….Nine is my number here.

I really have to write this passage from the book titled ” Numerology and the Divine Triangle ” by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. They have done a super job at interpretation

9 is selflessness and compassion. Encompassing a love for all, it desires to apply it’s energy to universal service. It bestows an impersonal but just view of life, one that is generous, benevolent and patient. This is the artist and the thinker who has developed skills through the preceding cycles and is now ready to share his or her knowledge with the rest of the world.

The ions are in their final state of completion. They have traveled the entire cycle of nine parts, ingesting experience along the way Now, in the closing cycle, they reach a total understanding and tolerance of others’ views and prejudices.

9 is ready to give back to the universe some measure of what it has learned through the eight previous steps of the cycle. The law of cyclicity allows for no wasteand demands input for output. When this is done willingly,  the completion experienced under 9 brings only joy at the gift of life and the freedom with which to enter the next cycle unencumbered.

Pretty heavy word. Nine is a number that I relate to because it appears often in my life lesson number.  It is the number I get from the  my birthday.



9+9=18/9 all those 9’s.