What have I ..

What have I learned today? In order to hear the gentle voice within me I must stop whatever it is I am doing and listen. Noise can be a distraction. It tends to park itself in the gray matter between my two ears making it difficult to hear anything else.

The mind is that meeting place between the physical and the spiritual. An open forum so to speak where information is presented for processing. It is important to silence  the noise. Finding that quiet place were the inner voice can be heard.

The task is not an easy one as  we have become accustom to the noise . What is worse is we have become passive and apathetic to it’s negative influence. Not realizing the false information it is feeding us at a subliminal level. Notice I said it wasn’t an easy fix.  It is not impossible.   It is an on going process. Every morning I prepare for the day. Sometimes a pick me up mid day or as needed. With a busy schedule it is hard to get away to a retreat or some place quiet in the mountains. I have had to adapt a method that will work for me.

The best label I can put on it is meditative prayer. I have to turn off the noise and clear my mind of all the negative bull shit… For the most part it works for me…nick