Where do I go from…

Where do I go  from here? That is an on going question with me. Life has so many possibilities and I want to enjoy all I can in the time I am given.  I can be safe to say most people feel this same way. To what degree is up to the individual as is the motivation and methodology to achieve those goals and desires.

The irony is that in my younger days I afraid to take chances. To try something new. What do they call it? Carefree or was it careless?  Maybe being carefree can get a little careless, but it has got to be a whole lot better than if too cautious to move. Going nowhere, doing nothing  that’s not life.

Maybe I need to rekindle that youthful spark. Ignore the bull shit. Oh look at you ! What are you doing? A man at your age shouldn’t… bla bla bla… BS.. There will be time later to sit in a chair staring at the floor . Until then do what ever I am able to. I like that. It sure as hell beats sitting around watching and waiting to get old and die.

I am not trying to be morbid, negative or defeated. I am a realist. Life, we view our birth, our journey, and our death. Birth and death are a given. Choices govern our journey.

I don’t know about you all.  As for me I don’t want to leave a stone unturned, a place not seen, a task undone.