Father’s Day 2015

Maybe you have heard it said ” you don’t really miss some one till they are gone”.  Well it is true or at least for me it rings true.I think it ‘s the time of year that brings all the painful emotion to the surface. Seeing everyone talking about their dads. What they are getting for them. Families gathering paying tribute and honor to their fathers.

I remember family gatherings for Father’s Day.It was just another holiday and this is what we did. No big deal.Sadly this is what seems to happen with traditions. It becomes repetitious and looses its meaning. What I wouldn’t give now for one of those boring get togethers. I would have but one thing to say. Dad I love you and thank you for picking me to be your son. You mean more to me than I can ever say or do or give  you or all the special day in your honor . I do love you.nick