4th of July

4th of July, another national holiday has come and gone in relatively uneventful fashion. I can only speak for myself.. I am sure most of the country were engaged in any manner of activity reflecting their personal traditions. Most of them not even giving it a thought to what this day truly. means.

For me the 4th has a deep mean. It goes beyond the sports events, the BBQ, and fire works.  To me the 4th speaks of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hope for humanity. The 4th speaks of the courage of our forefathers who not only spoke out, but provided us with a foundation for change.

You read me right.. I did say a foundation…A foundation is that strong base that everything is built on.It isn’t meant to be finished, but to be added to. So we can’t just leave it and go home expecting it to house everyone and everything. And it is not enough to elect a few builders when it requires all of us to do our part.

Remember this house we build is not of stone, bricks, and mortar, but WE THE PEOPLE.