Shorts: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

One of the very first games I learned as a small child was hide and seek. You remember don’t you. No real team. You are your own team of one. One person is picked to be it. What this meant was they had to cover their eyes and count to 50 real slow. Then everyone else would run off and find a good hiding place.

The  one that was it, once he/she reaches the 50 count, sets out to find one person, tag them and they are it. If you are spotted you have  one last chance. That is to out run the one that is it  and make it back to home base before being tagged. The game is over when someone gets tagged. In turn that person becomes it and you begin all over again.

Many a childhood game foiiow us into adulthood. As we grow and mature and become more complex so do our games. A innocent game of hide and seek has evolved over the years.When problems arose it seemed at the time easier to run and hide . pretending they didn’t exist.

Well, guess what? What I considered to be a quick fix only postponed the inevitable And what’s more it is much ,much bigger. and not an easy fix.nick.