Looking for the way home

Looking for the way home

If I could only use one action phrase to describe human nature It would be, “ In search of…”  Looking, seeking,trying to find…It seems a big part of the nature of man. From the moment we come out of the womb the adventure begins. If at that moment one had words to express their thoughts they would be asking , “where am I”?

That will follow our whole life long. Each of us in our own way will find the answers to get  closer to home. Walk with me for a few as I share a thought or two.

Consider this… If the spirit and soul are eternal, then they always were, they are , and they always will be. This being said is theory. We have here a finite body that plays host for the spirit and soul. A temporary house If you will. This means the spirit and the soul came from some place and must go some place because it can’t follow the body to the grave.

My theory here is incomplete, but  will give you what I got so far. I come from… The I, I am referring to is the very essence of me  my heart and soul. As I was saying I come from a place I don’t remember to dwell here in a body that grows up and then grows old. And when the body becomes too old to sustain me I move on to another place. It might be where I came from or it may be someplace new. My point here is in the process of moving from one place to another there is a memory loss. As with all lost memories, it is not erased, but  merely buried deep in our subconscious. To be able to retrieve some of that would be awesome.

I know what I am sharing is a little rough around the edges, but it is not out of the realm of reason. There are holes in my theory. These are areas where there has to be a first hand account. They may remain as questions until then…nick