Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect


In one sense of the word we are a product of our own deeds. What do we expect to yield if we sow the seeds of hate, selfishness, and greed? How long do you think we can last if we continue warring with one another?

Rather than heed the warnings of global warming we continue to pollute the air, land ,and seas…I know what I am saying isn’t anything new. Hell , I’ve been writing these same words since high school. That is some forty years ago. And you  say we are still here.This is true but we seen forty years of denial. Forty years of added pollution and consumption of our natural resources. Forty years further from a solution.

You know as well as I do problems don’t go away by ignoring them. They just get bigger. We can’t expect someone else to deal with it because it just isn’t getting done.

You say the problems are huge. Too big for you to deal with. And you are right they are huge and getting larger as we speak. We can’t dwell on the past and what we haven’t done. Instead we are right now. And right now we need to take baby steps forward. Right now we need to stop the warring, the killing, hating, polluting. STOP . One day at a time … One person at a time… One step at a time.. Then it become two and three and four…

I believe when you look around you will see that you are not standing alone. One person has become two and then three and then four… Each day a little more being chipped away from the problems. I might not see the task to completion but my actions, your actions might guarantee the next generation and the one after that a chance to be.

I was talking with my brother the other day and he was saying that here in America we are at a pinnacle and which way we decide to go will determine our fate. It got me thinking he had something there. As I continued to think it occurred to me what he was saying related to the bigger picture… our world, our planet… Our world is at the pinnacle, the tipping point and what we decide… Let me repeat that… What we decide will determine our fate. We can only be as strong as our weakest link… So I can’t make the words more clear… WE decide OUR fate. Atlas held up the entire world by himself for the ancient Greeks and that worked for them then.., But now  we must each hold up a piece of our world. Not l or me or you or her or him or them, but us, we must in order us to survive.nick   ,