Conspiracy is that ever nagging possibility that what is, isn’t. Creating a hoax to cover up the truth, as in space ships crashing in New Mexico… Or President assassination as well as two others in the public eye at the time. Namely civil rights leader and the President’s brother.

Then there is the one about the dead Beatle that oddly has resurfaced with quote new evidence… It appears that recorded cassette tapes of George Harrison’s last will and testament have appeared verifying Paul’s death in a car crash several years ago and the cover up.

Personally, I don’t what to make of it. Maybe someone is opting  to make bank. Unfortunately,  money seems to always a factor. Money is the root of all evil deeds.

If it where to be true I can’t imagine living a lie for all these years.Then again put in that state of circumstances I don’t know if I would have reacted any different. There is no doubt that if his  death would have been announced there would have been a panic.  No telling what people would have done.

I must be honest and I don’t think I stand alone here. Growing up we look around at this crazy confused world and we look around for something stable. Someone we can trust, a hero or an idol if you will.  For me it was the Beatles. At the time they stood for everything I believed in. And as time has passed I’ve come to realize they are just as special as the rest of us. Sure they inherited certain talents, but so has each and every one of us. The only difference is they used them were some of us haven’t and may not even know we have them. There is nothing wrong with honoring someone for what they can do,but not to obsess and idolize them, looking at them as perfect beings. They are as human as the rest of us. Good, bad, indifferent, we are all human.

I must say what I heard caused me to stumble a bit. After all they are the last of my teenage idols. If the story is true or false is not half as important as laying my final idol to rest.nick