I ask

my troubled heart

is stuck in the moment

and no help in sight…

All I hold dearly

fading to grey

and growing indifference…

I’m right, you’re wrong

No way

you’re wrong, I’m right…

With nothing to say…

We just quit talking


I don’t have a good answer

as I sit

and watch


is there something

I can say

or do…

Can not make someone

what they are not

or care when they

don’t care…

Here is my take

I love my WHOLE family

It is rare for me

to say it with words….

I am the first to admit

I am not

“the shining example of a perfect family member”

and that’s okay

I  can not be what I am expected to be

I can only be me…

And to that end

Be the Best Me

that I can Be…nick

Boy that really helps…