HISTORY, Things You Don’t Read About in School

HISTORY, Things You Don’t Read About in School

I stumbled on this link quite by accident as I was online today. Reading this Article has taken me back.My mind blown as I read this peice of American History.  Before I comment any further I want to type in the link and I hope you take the time to go there , check it out, and come back  and tell me what you think.. As for me my mind is racing with things to say.


Well What do you think? So much hate being generated. It is not the America we were taught in school. What then are we living  a lie? killing our neighbor. is okay? Color does not make someone more or less human.  We are Equally human.

Okay, I  have a question if anyone can answer it I would welcome the input… There has been a lot of violent activity in the middle east over the past decade. If I could name a few that come to mind. The leader in Syria what is his name ? Assad I believe and Saddam Hussein was another one. Now the whole world is looking at these two as total barbarians, evil and inhumane for the murderous deeds they have done to their own people.  The U.S. was so unhappy with Saddam’s behavior they had to hunt him down and drag him back to stand trial for what he had done. WE DEMANDED that he be held accountable for his actions.

I agree he should be held accountable for his actions.If I can go a step further. I think EVERYONE must be held accountable for their actions. I wonder if anyone can see where I am going with this?

THis is where I start to get confused.  We look out across the world with our condemning eyes and applaud if one is caught and brought to justice. But the incident I am introducing has gone unchecked for over 75 years.  I suspect the reason this is  getting some press  now, is so much time has gone by. If anyone is alive from there they are too old for anyone to pay attention to them. I think that whole generation has passed. So who is to be held accountable ? They are all dead.

So how is it wrong for others to slaughter their own, but when we do it  is like no big deal. A little misunderstanding that got out of hand. What did they say, they fired the sheriff who just went out and got a job as a private detective. Its fair Hundreds maybe Thousands are murdered and one man loses his job. WHAT?  

We can not change what has been done. I  don’t think we can guarantee it will never happen again. We can control the moment we are living in. Making a conscience decision not to feed the hate and  prevent it from spreading. Hate is a parasite that feeds off the soul.  Every time you give into it in thought or deed it is nurtured and grows. Consuming everything in it’s wake.   As well as infecting everyone you come in contact with.

So how do we rid yourself of hatred? There is only one thing and that is Love. It may sound corny or clique too easy. Maybe we have heard it so much it has lost it’s pure, deep meaning. Easy I’m not sure of that, because to love others we must learn to love ourselves. How we feel about ourselves reflect in how we feel towards others. So let us live love leaving no room for hate.nick