AWAKE, aware of the change

Have you ever woke with an acute awareness that something was different. Aware of the change. Most of the time I wake up on auto pilot. The body just seems to know what it takes to get the day  going. So with very little thought I muddle through. Wondering at the end of the day where did all the time go.

Recently, I’ve come across a couple of books discussing the concept of living in the now. The past is spent and the future we can not live in. As soon as we think we have arrived the future becomes the present.  So in reality we can only live life in the present. Each moment liken to a frame in a film clip.

Living the moment…I think it is the first time I have experienced this. To be honest with you I didn’t know it existed let alone knowing I could embrace it.  Classic human conditioning has taught me the contrary. Be always mindful of the past, in all thing plan for your future, Leaving no time to live the present. nick