The Moment

The Moment

Yesterday I experienced something new. Well, for me it was new. I have started to read a bit on the subject of “ living in the moment”. Giving me a head full of knowledge, but it wasn’t till yesterday’s experience that I realize there might be something to this living the moment, now, the present.

So now what? I have opened up the box and experienced a taste of what might be the true nature of me. Saying I am… Simple you say. Maybe for some but for me you can see in a word I used a few sentences back “might” that there is a shadow of doubt keeping me from entering in. There is good and bad in this. Good because I feel it is very important to test all things especially spiritual till I reach a satisfactory conclusion, true or false. We live in a world of enlightenment as well as illusion. It is a good thing to be able to discern between the two. The bad thing about being a doubting Thomas is it may deter me from following the truth.

The major deterrent is a lifetime of conditioning that was passed down from my parents. That they received from their  parents.  Who received it from their parents. I have no idea how many generations it goes back.I can say for sure it’s concept has taken deep roots and not easily changed.

The general thought is to always be mindful of the  past, plan for your future, and  this doesn’t leave much time for the present, if any at all.

I am pretty excited to see how it all will play out.  The irony here is that I, along with many in my generation  considered ourselves rebels. Tired of the system and the status quo We were going to change the world, but instead we were the ones who were changed.

In my youth what I had in strength, enthusiasm, and zeal was lacking knowledge  and the wisdom to bring it to pass

The word mindset is the center of my focus both in learning to live in the now and to maintain a high self-esteem

I feel like something major is about to happen   I know something is happening all the time but I am talking major shift. This has been a few years in the planning. These new life lessons are not only a positive sign my new direction, but equipping me with the essential tools to walk this next mile or two of my journey. nick