What is the Solution for our Pollution

What is the Solution for our Pollution?

Pollution, that’s not a subject getting much notoriety these day. I understand the public concern about terrorism and other warring factions, the economy and government concerns.  They all warrant our attention. It seems we have been distracted  from the urgency of our pollution problem and it’s effect on the planet.

Seems to me if we allow things to continue we will reach the point of no return.. . We will not be able to slow it down or turn it around.. In simple terms  we have trashed the planet and have left it unlivable.

So what does that mean? Life would cease to exist. So it wouldn’t matter who is president. Or what the government is doing. Or who is building the latest bomb. Or who is the top dog . Who has got all the money or  the land.  Because guess what? real estate isn’t going to be worth shit. So it would behove us  to do something…

It would be nice if everyone on the planet would see the need for radical change and willingly comply. But you know as well as I do that there will be ones that will not sacrifice a little to save a lot. I say make it a universal mandatory law to comply with set regulations. No exceptions. no excuses… This is not the time for that… NO this is a call to ACTION…  nick