Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you have been shadow boxing  for hours and the only one getting beaten is  yourself…Today  has begun that way. It is a struggle getting anything going. It’s hard for me to explain it.

Ultimately I wanted to make time to write some, visit my mom some, and just rest some. But as you can see it’s after three and I am just getting out of the house. Where did the bulk of my day go you might ask? It hasn’t been nice. Let’s just say everything and everybody has been a distraction.

Maybe I need to do a road trip. Just pack up what you need for a few days and head to the mountains. Sit on a rock somewhere and watch the sunset. Turn around, a 180 and watch the sunrise… If that don’t do it start over again…

Actually I’m trying to make light the crowded feeling around me. Drowning in a sea of city noise. With only an inlet and no outlet I attempt to keep my head above it like reading water

The mission here is to empty all the unnecessary input and quiet all the excess noise and sit in complete silence. I have come to realize I can’t do that at home.

Well can we put a bandaid on it. And maybe get out of town next week on my days off? We will see…nick