Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction                                                                                                                                      

Is life fact or is life fiction? Does that seem like an odd question to ask? Life is factual  you say. None of this made up.  I don’t know if I can accept that as absolute.

If reality was an absolute we would all be on the same page. Like perceptions… Like narratives. We would all be telling the same story. But as you well know if you take two people in the same situation, at the same time, and you will get two different perceptions. Two different stories.

So who is right? It can’t be a question of right or wrong. I can tell you what I  see, but I can’t tell you what you see. You say this is what I see. I say this is what I see. The I’s have it.

Why then do we see differently… First off are we telling truths or we made up  lies. The truth speaks for itself. The lies well that’s another story. I want to put a little more detail to that. So I’ll come back to that shortly.

There may be a physical difference. For example you and I are viewing a rainbow. I am color blind..  You describe this beautiful  rainbow in  living color. I don’t understand these words. They have no meaning for me  My world is shades of grey.

Or may be a mental difference as with someone with autism or schizophrenia. Their world may appear a little different than yours. Not a wrong world just different.

There are yet others who have been jaded by the ones closest to them. Perverting their  perceptions. A perfect example is a kid raised in a family of KKK supporters.. I am not in this post speaking right or wrong  of their ethical beliefs, but that there are some that are not given the liberty of choosing their own perceptions.

I spoke earlier of one’s who lie.To some it is a form of denial. Unable to accept what is they create a world to their liking. In time believing their own lies.

Then there are the lies for profit. What do I mean by that? There are one’s that would change or pervert  perceptions for personal gain with little or no concern whom it may hurt on the way. What is happening in the Middle East right now is a perfect example. There are leaders of countries speaking untruths in an attempt to convince the world that their need for nuclear is purely humanitarian. and at the same time painting a picture for their people that this will make them a world power. I’m sorry I don’t see any of that happening .. They may be talking about improving their quality of life. but behind the scenes there a hidden agenda.

Saddly, nuclear power can improve the quality of life in the right  hands, but in the wrong hands it can only lead to total destruction.

We can’t take lightly our responsibility enacting  our perceptions. As co creators we are held accountable for our contributions.

With this in mind it is not possible to point fingers. No longer able to say “ It’s God’s fault” or “The devil made me do it”. It was them not me. And that is hard for some, including myself  at times, to accept responsibility for my actions or inactions. No place to hide. Finally admitting I am human. And yes there will be mistakes in the midst of all my success.lol

Admitting to a mistake is not admitting to weakness. It takes a lot more courage to admit you are wrong rather than lie and deny. Learning from our mistakes. It is a call to action…nick                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ‘