Humanity Speaks ONEness

Humanity Speaks ONEness

Paris, France located about in the middle of old world western civilization. It has often played host  to gathering of OUR world leaders. Seeking answers to world problems. To find solutions to those things destroying our world. PEACE, climate change,  hunger,poverty, and disease, and the energy crisis to name a few.

This week Paris is playing host to a different kind of event. It seem that a group we’ve labeled “terrorist” want to make their presents more pronounced. Going  public and murdering a hundred or more other humans at a public event.

This is troubling for my world, your world, OUR world.

There is a twist to the story as some are saying the events are staged, orchestrated  to lead us into that one world order. These thoughts of conspiracy are not new. Conspiracy is the truth exaggerated.. Until now much has been happening behind the scenes. Realize this. We see the pawns, but the players remain hidden.

Let’s not be distracted with all the rhetoric. This group did it. That group did it. This will happen now. That will happen now. Bottom line HUMANS are murdering HUMANS. And what makes it more troubling is how openly blaton they were.

At the same time let us not be naive in thinking these are just random acts orchestrated by a band of rebels and no potential threat. Talk to the families of the dead victims. I think they will give you a different take on that.

I have no hard pressed evidence to prove conspiracy, but there is more than meets the eye. I think it would be foolish to ignore them.  The saddest part is many human lives will be lost. The 100+  dead in Paris is just a small sample  of the lives lost in the middle east over the past 5 + years. Hundreds if not thousands lost tI have heir lives.. Unchecked? It doesn’t look like the killing will end any too soon.

My point is let’s not overthink. Simply act on what we know. There is a group here we have labeled “terrorist”. They call themself “isis”and are claiming responsibility for the murders in Paris. We start there . Go with what we know. And if there is more to the equation, a bigger picture, and /or more players time will tell.

Okay here comes the hard part for me. To be honest with myself and with you as well.

I love life and the freedom to be. With do respect to ALL, that they might also enjoy life and freedom to be. I have no right to take any of that from anyone. Or them from me.

Now with this being said for me to see or hear of someone or group appears to have no concern for human life. To witness where publicly they are beheading  ones that have different religious beliefs. Having young children actually engaging in the executions. Gun in hand, bullet to the back of the head. I must admit when i saw these videos for a moment everything I believe in came into question. The more I thought about it the madder I got How could they do that to children?Anger clouding my mind the only thing that we must do was go in and totally destroy them. And for that moment I felt justified.

This is where I stand at this point.  I have take the time  to think things through realistically not out of anger or impulse. It is all so complex. violent retaliation is not the way. That will not bring peace. Yet diplomacy is being seen as  weakness.  They take advantage of that and the destruction continues,

Total peace is not a temporary cease fire. It’s not a temporary anything . It’s  complete and total on all sides. I don’t think we are ready. To forgive and forget. To love and not hate. To build and not destroy. To make peace and not war.

Total peace that is my hope, my dream, my prayer…