History, Time Forgotten

    History, Time Forgotten

Time passes and events in time are remembered by those lived it. Early on records have been kept. Whether it was pictures chiseled in stone and later became words on parchment. Print on paper is now evolving into digital impressions in the cloud. It’s purpose to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Storytelling has been a common  place since the advent of language. To this day people like to spin a good yarn.

One thing to consider with the storyteller is they are people too.  Their narration  of an event  they have witnessed is subject to their own perceptions . The stories are then  passed down from generation to generation becoming further diluted.

Archeologists are digging up new truths   Proving  and sometimes disproving history.  There are gaps  in history. Or should I say gaps in documentation. Lost writing, forgotten events, natural disasters  and human destruction have made it difficult to see the complete picture.

I think hidden behind the veil of our forgotten memories are the answers to the meaning of life. As we rediscover or recover our memories we may find it to be a whole lot different than what we expected.