Ready or Not

Ready or Not

Well we can’t say we  were not forewarned. I know we have heard it all before. So don’t turn me off here. Keep reading. Nothing in this material world is forever. Yes, not even our very lives.

For too long we have entertained the thought that we have an endless supply of resources and a human life is expendable. We cut down a tree for paper goods. And don’t bother to plant a tree to replace it.  In addition  where crops  are planted soil conservation is extremely important.

What about the waste? We release it into the air or bury it in the ground. We need to breath the air. That which is in the ground leaks into the soil and eventually into the water table.

If this isn’t enough to choke out the life on the planet.  Man has taken on the hobby of killing animals for sport… I can see if it is to become food. But to stuff it and mount it on a wall in your den. What’s the point. Oh it doesn’t stop there. Human killing human.  It is not a new behavior,  but has been since our beginning.  The scary part is as we have evolved so has the art of killing. No longer battling one on one where you have to meet each other eye to eye. No you can sit in a little control room in Kansas. Turn a few knobs, press a few buttons and kill an  untold number of people. Maybe 100, 1000, 10000. Hell who knows maybe we will eventually destroy all life on the planet.

Guess what? We are right there. The planet is not immortal and neither are we. It will reach the limit and  it will all end.

So what am I saying ? Is there nothing we can do? Is our fate sealed?  IN MY OPINION it is not over till it’s over. But here is the thing. One person, one group, one nation, one race, color, or creed can not do it by ourselves.. It will take EVERYONE on the planet. ALL or NONE.nick