History, Time Forgotten part two

 History, Time Forgotten part two

As I published my last post I didn’t feel the closier. I found on YouTube several documentaries with different theories  Atlantis  and  other such attempts to explain the many missing links. It has left me with a lot of what ifs.

What if Atlantis truly existed. That would help explain scattered like communities on opposite sides of the globe. Pyramids built and placed with a purpose.

Polar shifts… They are uncovering civilizations much old that we once thought. I must admit Western culture, philosophy, and  religion have greatly influenced the way I live, think and believe. Or should I say up to  this point.

I don’t think we should believe anything without investigating. What greater time it is than now to gather information. Importantly, discern all that you gather. Learning a lie is worse than learning nothing at all.

History with our memories is out of reach buried deep in the sand. As  history is uncovered  so are our memories. The term memories I am referring to here goes beyond personal recall. Collective Conscience is a closer definition. I am convinced that locked in the forgotten history are the memories of our collective consciousness. Revealing our origin, making clear our purpose, and showing us the path back home.

This is first time I have seen this in the light. All this time I’ve been looking in the wrong directions. Seeking it in a philosophy, an institution, religion, or a dynamic leader. instead it is locked within me in forgotten memories…nick.