Conspiracy Theory, if you don’t believe it then what?

Question: If you don’t believe the conspiracy theories then what do you believe? I know the topic is huge. So let’s narrow it down a bit.  Beginning with 9/11  to present day and focus on world events. Why do I choose to begin there? Quite simply it was an honest to God wake up call for me. The more I watch it’s like a movie gone bad.

Is it safe to say that pretty much everyone on the planet, unless you are living under a rock is aware of  the odd events plaguing  our planet.  Unless one would consider it normal to wake up one morning and flip on the TV just in time to watch not one but two planes fly directly into a tall building in New York City. Or countries in disarray do to warring factions Bombing and killing their own people  by the thousands. Or boat load after boat load of refugees fleeing the violence. It doesn’t stop there. Is it normal to be eating lunch at your favorite outdoor  cafe or at a music concert just to have some one next to you pull out guns and start killing everyone in sight. I’m sorry none of that is normal in my world.

And what are they saying? Our government officials say everything is under control. Is it? We are safe here. Are we? They are just amateurs. Are they? So what do you think? There seems to be three major schools of thought. One group believing all the bull shit the media is feeding us. Living the dream, protected they can’t touch us here. The second group well they just don’t give a shit or they have given up thinking there is nothing they can do. What happens happens. partying like rock stars till it’s over. The last group are wide awake seeing it all, connecting the dots.

I know sometimes  the latter group go a little too  far into their imaginations. Personally I would be more inclined to listen to someone a bit over zealous than sheep that don’t question anything just follow, or ones living in denial.

I must admit at one time or another  I have entertained each of these schools of thought. Falling prey to the media and without question following its every word. To counter that  I search those truths in an over zealous manner stretching the truth creating a conspiracy. Neither one of these methods serve in finding  out the truth. There have been those frustrating  times with no clear answers  or solutions are beyond my grasp. Tired or bored I’ve turned my back and ignoring the situation in question.Denying it’s very existence. This is the worst of them all. I would rather make a mistake or fail trying than to not try at all.

So in closing I want to say It is time to wake up, pull our heads out of the sand or our proverbial asses, and  choose not to play follow the leader, but search for truth and don’t be afraid to ask why…nick