Can you hear the Cries…

Can you hear the cries of small children as their lives explode hurling bomb fragments, brick, mortar, and glass in all directions. Living  and reliving that moment laying under their now still parents who  used themselves as human shields to save their little lives lost their own in the process.

There are some I say, not all that have turned a deaf ear for any number of reasons.  And it saddens me deeply. Thinking to myself what would it take to awaken that emotion and passion within them? What would open those deaf ears and wake them up? I understand it is hard look at inhuman humans have become. Maybe it has always been and I was on of the deaf ones.

Two questions cross my mind as I sit, watch, and listen. Why and how? Why are we doing this to ourselves? How can we knowingly torture,control, and/or destroy another human? Are we that far removed from our human conscience that we disregard human life? Yes it is difficult to accept the reality  and it’s growing presents. And that difficulty is compounded as we allow the inhumanity to continue. Apathy choking out human life’s very existence.

I don’t know if you noticed my use of the word “we” in the previous paragraph. I think it deserve a bit more clarity. The we I am speaking of is me,you,all of us.  No exceptions. No one is singled out for gender, color, religion, sexual preference, or any other thing that would separate us. We are the human race. We are bound together equally by a single common thread that being our humanity To hurt one is to hurt one self. It is  liken to someone stubbing their toe. The toe is not the only one to feel the pain. The whole body feels the pain and the whole body must react to that pain.

Humanity is humans being humane. nick